Sunday, 21 October 2012

Autumn Layout and Decorated Stick Pins

Hi Everyone,
it is labour Weekend here in The land of The Long White Cloud( or should I say Long Black Cloud) which has been around our skies since Friday..but
More time to do some more scrapbook layouts, beaded stick pins( which I got this from a wonderful crafter over in YouTube) 

You can enter stick pins in the "search channel" tab 

I also finally sorted out my Facebook Fan Page, so if you wonder over to there and please add my fan page to your likes link is here

In there I will share all the YouTube videos that really have inspired me and there are some very talented ladies that I follow quite regular. I will eventually take the big plunge and upload some videos of my own (that's gonna be a little scary for me.

Okay, up on the agenda today is one layout I have completely changed. This layout was scrap booked in 2003 and it looked boring, now I'm not the sort of scrapbooker who will take apart an entire album just cause it's boring, today's trends and your style changes over the years and as long as the photos are in an album doesn't matter if they don't measure up to your scrapbook standards of today. The reason I decided to changed it, I was entering a challenge(I sorry I did forget who's challenge) the challenge was a layout for Autumn, I knew I had no Autumn photos to scrapbook, so I browsed through one of my little daughter Alisa's scrapbook albums and found a page that kinda looked sad, missing something... so here is the updated page, and i'm really happy with's a shame I didn't take a photo of the before layout... silly me!!!!!LOL

Honestly this photo I took today and I must of taken at least a dozen of them before I was comfortable with the outcome, the natural lighting changed, our skies clouded over. This was the last shot... on the bonnet of my car using a cranberry colour  piece of material.
The little ones in the photos(center) are Alisa(my daughter) in the background and my Grand daughter Natalie in the front. They were 3 here and now they are cheeky 12 year old's.

These next photos I took before the layout and the shooting conditions was perfect, the right balance.. Stick pins

I enjoyed making these and was quite disappointed when I had no more pins to decorate. Please pop over to YouTube and visit Jennings644 her videos are very entertaining and you will bound to have a good laugh, she has a real good sense of humour.
Well that's about it for today, hope you enjoyed my blog!!
Until next time, take care

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  1. awesome blog, the pics are nice and big to view too
    was a joy to read